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Do I need to stay for the class?

Yes you do!

Our classes are organised by our Play Coordinators, but a parent must stay with your child at all times. One of the main purposes of our class is to provide a learning environment so that parents can guide their children throughout the inspiring learning program, without the hassle of having to clean up mess or think about creating experiences.
You will find at times there may be elements to an activity that are small, or a different texture, this is so that your little one can use their investigation and exploring skills.
We always have a Menu card with each activity that describes edible/not edible elements, and if their are any choking hazards to be mindful of.
Parent supervision is required at all times during the class.

What should I dress my child in?

No fancy clothes!

Our classes are often messy, in fact we encourage MESS!!

So it's best if your child wears clothes that don't hold any sentimental value.

We have t-shirts available for purchase at our locations, or through our online shop.

Do I have to buy a term pass?


We have casual booking options available, but it's recommended that you do buy a term pass, as our classes are in such high demand that they book out within hours of becoming available.

Do I need to be double vaccinated?

Our classes must always follow government guidelines. 
We no longer require our attendees to be double vaccinated.

Please follow the guidleines from the health department on Covid-19 practices.
If you are unwell, please don't attend any of our classes until you are feeling better.
If any symptoms of Covid-19 are present we will have to ask you to leave and not return until symptoms have subsided.
If you have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19, although you no longer need to self-isolate, it would be highly recommended to wear a mask to our classes.

What ages are the classes?

Our classes can start from 3 months old.

Do I have to help clean?

Not at all!!
Your child will be messy after their fun filled class, so the only cleaning you have to do is your child. The Play Coordinator will be responsible for cleaning and organising the class.
We do ask you to be mindful of where your little one is walking around during the class, as some of our venues have carpet flooring.

Are all the experiences ok to eat?

Unfortunately no.

We do have experiences like mud and slime that are not safe for eating but awesome for getting messy and building your child's sensory development. Your child may like to taste the elements but with your guidance they probably won't try it again.
Each activity has their own menu card which will tell you what is edible/not edible.

Do you cater for allergies?

We are egg and nut free.

Some experiences may include dairy products, but if you are concerned please reach out to your Play Coordinator or email head office at

What do I need to bring to class?

Definitely a change of clothes!

A towel to wipe your child down, and a water bottle if they get thirsty during class.

Do I need to provide a snack?

We ask that no food is permitted during the class.

This minimises the risk of unknown foods coming in contact with our experiences that may cause an allergic reaction to other children.

Our classes are only 1 hour, so a snack before coming to class would be best.

Breastfeeding of course is welcome!

What if I can't make a session?

We will try our best to offer you a make up class where possible. If there isn't a suitable class available then unfortunately the class will be forfeited.
We do not transfer, or rollover any unused classes to the following term.
All classes must be used within that term/date of purchase.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are available, so please purchase carefully!

I have a younger baby, can I bring them?


A newborn or a baby in your arms is fine to come to class.

If we have space and they engage in any experiences they will be charged a casual fee.

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