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By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions I agree that Eduplay take no responsibility for the following:


  • Stained and damaged clothing. Whilst we take precautions to prevent clothing getting ruined we cannot be responsible for the aftercare of any clothing items. We use all washable paints but cannot 100% guarantee they will wash out of all clothing. We recommend spraying them with a stain remover and soaking in cold water. The best prevention to ruining your child’s favourite clothing is to wear old clothes and turn that into a weekly ‘uniform’ for Eduplay.
    We do have T-shirts available for purchase.

  • Injuries. This is a parent led/participating session and not a child minding service. Please be aware that you are responsible for your child at all times before, during and after the session. We are first aid trained and carry a first aid kit with us at all times should we ever need it.
    Eduplay accept no responsibility for injuries obtained at Eduplay classes.

  • Allergic reactions. We aim to maintain a nut and egg free environment at all times. We cannot guarantee what other children have eaten before class and if that will transfer to our setups. We are unable to guarantee the protection for any other allergies other than nut and eggs. We use dairy in some of our setups so if your child is allergic to dairy, it must be disclosed to the Play Coordinator before classes. 

  • Reactions to food and products. We will be using an array of products for our session so please observe your child whist playing and investigating new things. Please seek medical attention if your child has any adverse reactions after class.

  • Illness: This is a very hands on sensory class. If your child is sick please do not bring them to class. If you miss a class we will try our best to find you a suitable makeup class, depending on availability. 

  • Covid procedure:

  • Make Up Classes: Should you be sick we will try our best to find you a makeup class if available, however this is not guaranteed. Your booking is also not transferrable. Unfortunately you cannot give your ticket to someone else should you be ill.
    Classes also do not roll over into the next term.
    Missed classes must be used in the same 10 week term.

  • Food. Please keep food outside of class. We understand little ones can get hungry, so we suggest to have a snack before attending class. A water bottle is fine.

  • Pants on Policy. We encourage skin sensory as much as possible during our classes but for hygienic reasons a nappy or undies must be worn at all times. 

  • Fees. No refunds will be given once the fees are paid.

  • Photography. The Eduplay Play Coordinators will often take photos at the sessions for our social media and advertising requirements. A photography release form is required to be completed when purchasing tickets through the website. If you would prefer your child was not included in the photos please let the Play Coordinator know at your first Eduplay class.

  • Cancellation Policy. Eduplay reserves the right to cancel any session if the minimum numbers are not reached. A full refund will be given if the option of another day and time do not suit.

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